The Coffee Baron has hand selected beans from some of the finest coffee farms in Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenyan, Tanzanian, Malawi, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Whether you’re looking for a smooth, easy drinking blend or something a little richer and darker, we have the coffee for you.
Coffee Baron - African Origin

African Origin

Discover the warm flavours of Africa with our trader’s blend.

To the rest of the world, Africa conjures up the exotic. For us, it’s home. That’s why we wanted to make a coffee that reminds us of the warm welcome of being home. We sourced the best beans from farms in Kenya and Ethiopia then roasted them just a shade past medium to bring out their warm, caramel flavours. After all, what better place than home to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Urban Legend

Discover the smooth taste of beans blended in perfect proportion in our artisan blend.

Life doesn’t often slow down to let you catch up. Maybe that’s why some people drink coffee the entire day. We wanted to create a blend that could be drunk the entire day. We started with a blend of South American beans to make each sip rewarding then mildly roasted them for a smooth taste with hazelnut and cacao undertones. Because if you’re going to drink a coffee all day long, it better be a pretty delicious coffee.

Black Gold

Discover the rich, complex flavours of South America with our signature blend. 

Sometimes you just want a coffee to be a break in your day. With Black Gold we wanted to make the perfect coffee break blend, one that envelops you and turns down the rest of the world for a minute. To do this, we scoured the best farms in Brazil, Honduras and Nicaragua for beans grown in their luxurious soils. Then we roasted those beans a little darker to bring out their chocolate and cinnamon notes. A coffee break might only be five minutes but this blend will make it worth every second.

Hot Chocolate

Discover the perfect cup for a cold night with our artisanal chocolate.

The end of the day calls for a drink that slows everything down. Our delicious Hot Chocolate is made with only the finest cacao to give you a drink that provides the perfect end to a hectic day. We made sure that our recipe balanced the rich bitterness of the cacao with sweetness to make an eminently drinkable brew.


Built to get the best out of every blend.


At The Coffee Baron, we are particular. We only use quality Arabica beans and roast coffee weekly to ensure maximum freshness. Our selection of beans roasted on demand” will offer any coffee connoisseur a blend that satisfies their individual needs and tastes.

We’re just as particularabout our baristas. We pick only the best candidates with a love of coffee and we give them in-depth training. And because they’re the ones that make sure that your cup of coffee is perfect, we make sure they care as much about your coffee as we do.


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