The Opera is the ultimate experience for the cutting-edge barista with three different fully programmable stages of infusion. Its Controlled Delivery System allows you to obtain the perfectly balanced extraction for any kind of coffee. It is simply one of the best coffee machines available.


The Verona RS incorporates Sanremo’s advanced TCS technology which sets a new benchmark in temperature stability. Dedicated boilers are controlled by precision electronics which ensure a temperature consistency within an unprecedented +/- 0.2c. That kind of control is so rare that at the 2014 UK Barista Championship, over 90% of the competing baristas rated the RS as very good or good for ‘temperature stability’.


The Verona TCS is one of Sanremo’s flagship machines. It’s designed to produce high quantities of the very highest standard espresso-based coffees. At its heart is Sanremo’s innovative TCS system which comprises a separate boiler for each group head, enabling the very best flavours to be consistently extracted from different coffee blends. A large boiler dedicated to the production of steam gives the ability to make intensive use of steam without affecting the quality of coffee extraction in any way.


The Verona SED is the starting point for the popular Verona range and is perfect for medium to high volume usage. Featuring a large single boiler, the Verona SED is available in standard clearance and high clearance - ideal for large 16oz cups.


The Zoe features an innovative design where the frame forms part of the exterior of the machine. Thanks to its basic structure and small size, the Zoe fits perfectly with modern cafes where space is limited. There are a wide range of colour choices with the option to mix’n’match the frame and panel colours.


The Zoe Compact is the perfect commercial espresso machine for outlets where space is limited but the desire to make an excellent cup of coffee is crucial. This two-group head professional espresso machine has a footprint of only 53cm in width and 53cm in depth. With its 7 litre capacity boiler and two steam wands, it is perfectly suited to pubs, bars, service stations and food outlets. There are a wide range of colour choices with the option to mix’n’match the frame and panel colours.


The Treviso is a single-grouphead stainless steel espresso machine, available in either a plumbed version or with a 3.4 litre tank capacity. A semi-professional coffee machine with sleek lines, both of the Treviso models are particularly suitable for small catering and meeting places where premium coffee is required.


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